2013 Show

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The last weekend in September saw the Birmingham & West Midlands section hold it’s eleventh annual closed show (sponsored by The Koi Collection) at Highdown Nurseries, just outside Stourbridge.

This year saw a change at the helm ! With no-one else within the club willing to volunteer, the job of Show Chairman fell to Martin Burt.

As usual, the week preceding the show saw Highdown Nurseries become a hive of activity with various club members erecting vats, airlines and a myriad of other paraphernalia that go into making a show successful.

As in previous years, we used four sizes.  Size 1 up to 35cm, Size 2 up to 47.5cm, Size 3 up to 60cm and Size 4 over 60cm and 13 varieties.  The reason behind this is to give good competition in most classes.

By 11.30am on show day 1, a total of 123 koi had been benched into the show by 13 members, this comprised of: 49 in size 1, 45 in size 2, 19 in size 3 and 9 in size 4.  Our judges for the day were: Bernie Woollands, Christine Woolger, Dave Pope and trainee judge, Iain Kirkbright.  The first decision they made, as always, was Grand Champion.  Massive congratulations to Show Chairman and general “top bloke” Martin Burt for an almost clean sweep, with a barrage of successes headed by Grand Champion, Mature Champion, Adult and Jumbo champion.  This win was notable, not just because of the quality of the koi and the level of competition, but because GC fro a relatively small koi is rare, and at this event there were indeed much bigger koi, but the quality of the Kohaku prevailed – massive congratulations to a much deserved champ.  Young Champion was won for the 2nd year in a row by Steve Hemmings, who also took Baby Champion, Tom Nicklin won Best Vat and Unique Koi Award.

The 2013 show saw probably the highest standard of koi exhibited in all the eleven years we have held a show.

Of course there was more than just Koi to keep our 400 plus visitors entertained and yet again our cake stall and catering stand were kept very busy throughout the weekend – it has to be said, the ladies of the Birmingham & West Midlands Section “make exceedingly good cakes”.  This year saw a Koi raffle with a difference, thanks to the generosity of our close friends at Purdin Koi Farm/Topponds, we had one of the 40 special tosai as first prize, but not only that, the winner of the koi will also then go into another draw where the winner will win a trip to Purdin Koi Farm in the USA !!!!!!!  Not bad for a pound !!

Of course, all of this would not be possible without the generosity of the following:  The Koi Collection (main sponsor)  Kusuri, Evolution Aqua, Seneye, South Coast Koi,  Sunnybank Koi,  Nt Labs (Sponsors of Grand Champion),  Purdin Koi / Topponds,  The Wooden Koi Company,  Birmingham Koi,  Nishikoi,  Isle of Ely Koi,  Norfine Nets.  The Birmingham & West Midlands Section thanks you for your continued support.

A BIG THANK YOU must also go to those of our members who gave their time (a very precious commodity) and energy before, during and after the show.

This leaves us with just one more thing to say……. “Roll on next year !!”