Events Diary

Over the year, we hold many events. These include Koi Dealer trips to places such as Avenue Fisheries (Pictured Below with Roger Jones, our events co-ordinator), UK Nishigoi, Sunnybank Koi, Koi collection, Japanese Koi Company and Top Ponds to name a few.

Avenue Fisheries

As well as dealer trips, the club enjoy social evenings throughout the year where members open up their ponds. It is a great night with plenty of laughs as well as great food and drink. The club always enjoy these evenings, come rain or shine !!

We also hold a “Grow and Show” competition each year, usually in the spring where members purchase a koi to be judged at the end of the year.

Another great event is the pond visits where our club are invited to visit another clubs members ponds. It is a great day out and the hosts always make you feel most welcome, providing breakfast for us and plenty of cups of tea and snacks. It is also a great opportunity to learn from other people as well as offering advice. We get to see some amazing ponds in all shapes and sizes as well as different varieties of koi. The day is usually finished with the host providing an evening meal before we return home full of new ideas from our day out.

In return for this, we open our ponds for the clubs to come and visit us. We also provide our visitors with breakfast, as well as refreshments at every pond they visit during the day. Before our visitors return home, they always receive a home cooked meal followed by home baked desserts at the church hall, Clent. No one has ever left still hungry ! Our club is well known for its cooking !