Sunday the 28th April saw club members board the coach and head off on a Dealers trip.  First stop was Sunnybank Koi located on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border.  As the coach came to a stop in the lane, nothing, and I mean NOTHING could have prepared us for the “hike” up the steep hill to reach Sunnybank !!

When we all reached the top, there was a very warm welcome to greet us.  Not to mention the mountain of sausage sandwiches ! With plenty of tea and coffee to wash them down.

Once inside, there were three pools full of Koi for us to view.

IMG_1306 IMG_1280 IMG_1289IMG_1282




Next stop was UK Nishikigoi, where we was made to feel most welcome.  With plenty Koi to suit all budgets, it didn’t take long before club members was making their purchases.


IMG_1313 IMG_1321 IMG_1338 IMG_1323